Plans from $9.95 per month

1300/1800 Inbound Service

Most businesses provide their client base access to a 1300/1800 number to allow clients to call from outsdie the local area at the cost of a local call and the company pays the price differnce. 
This is where Nettalk 1300/1800 inbound can assist. Your clients will still be billed for a local call and you will enjoy the benefits of inbound calls at Nettalk broadband phone rates resulting in further savings each month. 
1300/1800 Inbound Service:  
Standard Number - $85.00 Activation Fee 
Monthly Fee 1300 - $25.00 
Monthly Fee 1800 - $35.00 
Call costs – 8.5c per minute 
We can port your existing 1300/1800 number or allocate you with a new one. 
For further information on 1300/1800 inbound services please contact us and our account manager will contact you shortly. 
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