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Broadband Phone - Business Solutions

Nettalk are proud to provide the corporate sector the opportunity to be a part of the new "Phone Zone". For too long business has been paying to much for telephony services. 
Now with Nettalk Broadband Phone (VoIP) we are able to provide state of the art telephony services whilst offering upto 60% savings compared the traditional services available. 
Join the many satisfied customers with Nettalk and start saving today. 
BENEFITS of Broadband Phone (VoIP) Business 
  1. No lock in contracts
  2. FREE Calls between Nettalk customers
  3. Local calls just 10 cents Untimed
  4. National (STD) calls just 10 cents Untimed anytime
  5. Mobile Calls as low as 25 cents per minute
  6. International calls as low as 3 cents per minute
  7. 13/1300 calls at 30 cents Untimed
  8. 1800 Free Calls
  9. 1223 Directory Assistance 80 cents Untimed
  10. No flagfalls on calls
  11. Unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls
  12. Eliminates the need for additional PSTN lines so you save on monthly line rental.
  13. Inward and outward caller ID
  14. Local Numbers available Australia wide
  15. Call waiting, 3 way calling, Call Transfer & Call Block dependant on your Nettalk equipment.
  16. Call forwarding, line hunt and voicemail to email with Nettalk's Voicemail.
  17. Transfer your existing local number to Nettalk VoIP
  18. 1300/1800 Inbound Numbers available More Details Here for 1300/1800 Inbound
What do business customers require to use this service? 
Each enterprise customers requirements will vary depending on current equipment being used and their requirements. Typical enterprise customers require SIP compatible VOIP gateways, IP PBX's or IP Phones in one of the three scenarios below: 
1. Using existing (non - IP) PABX or Key system: 
Nettalk is able to provide VoIP gateways that connect existing telephony equipment (eg routers, PABXs, Key Systems) using analogue ports, ISDN BRI or ISDN PRI. 
2. Using PABX or Key system with IP Card Installed: 
Many PABX or key systems sold in recent years have the capacity to support IP termination with the installation of an IP card which allows the PABX to connect the LAN switch to the broadband router. Some QoS infrastructure is also recommended - please check with yur network provider or contact us for further information. 
3. Using a new or existing IP PABX: 
Next generation PABX's are IP-based, and all connections between the end user's desk phone, the PABX and the service provider is transported over an IP network. An ethernet switch supporting QoS is recommended to ensure the integrity of voice traffic. The figure (below) shows a typical example. 
4. Hosted IP PABX (IP Centrex): 
In addition to these options, leading network providers also offer Hosted IP PABX solutions, which remove the requirement for end customers to make a calital outlay in a new PABX. The functions of the PABX are hosted by Nettalk, and the customer only needs IP Phones to connect to the service. 
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