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Broadband Phone - Residential

Australian'residences are queing up to save on thier phone bills and to become a part of the new "Phone Zone".  Nettalk offer a fantastic opportunity for residential customers to save on thier monthly phone bills with Broadband Phone (VoIP). 
In addition to the huge savings, VoIP offers so many benefits that are not available through traditional phone services. Make full use of your existing broadband connection and join Nettalk now. 
Join Now, Save with Nettalk and talk cheap 
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BENEFITS of Broadband Phone (VoIP) 
  1. No lock in contracts
  2. Calls between Nettalk customers are totally FREE
  3. Local calls just 10 cents untimed
  4. National (STD) calls just 10 cents untimed anytime
  5. Mobile Calls as low as 25 cents per minute
  6. International calls as low as 3 cents per minute
  7. 13/1300 calls at 30 cents Untimed
  8. 1800 Free Calls
  9. 1223 Directory Assistance 80 cents Untimed
  10. No flagfalls on calls
  11. Unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls
  12. Inward and outward caller ID
  13. Local Numbers available Australia wide
  14. Call waiting, 3 way calling, Call Transfer & Call Block dependant on your Nettalk equipment.
  15. Call forwarding, line hunt and voicemail to email with Nettalk's Voicemail.
  16. Transfer your existing local number to Nettalk VoIP
What do residential customers need to use the service? 
Most residential customers will fit into one of the four scenarios below:  
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1. New or existing telephone handsets 
Config 1 - Analogue Telephone with PSTN backup 
Config 2 - Analogue Telephone using VoIP/ADSL2+ Router PSTN backup 
2. IP telephone handsets 
Networks such as Nettalk can provide a list o quality IP telephones capable of connecting - wired and wirelessly - between the customer's PC or LAN and their broadband modem/router. 
Config 3 - Using Nettalk IP phones connected directly to the router 
3. Softphones 
A computer with a softphone (that is, a telephone unit that plugs into the computer) 
Config 4 - Using Nettalk softphone in conjunction with PSTN backup 
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