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Nettalk Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to use the Nettalk service?  
To use the Nettalk service you need a broadband Internet connection, a modem/router (with a spare Ethernet port) and a regular corded or cordless telephone handset.  
Do I need to keep my existing phone service?  
This depends on what type of broadband connection you have. ADSL broadband requires a telephone line to connect through so you will therefore need to keep your existing phone line. Cable broadband does not require a phone line so you will not need your existing phone service.  
Is the Nettalk service easy to Install?  
Yes, all you need to do is follow 3 easy steps: 1. Plug a telephone into your Voice Box 2. Plug your Voice Box into your modem/router. 3. Activate your service with Nettalk. 
Do the people I am calling need to have Nettalk as well?  
No, you can call anyone from your Nettalk service, regardless of if you are calling a mobile phone, landline or another Nettalk service. Nettalk customer can call each other FREE at all times, set your family and friends up with Nettalk to get the benefit of FREE calls and start talking cheap. 
How do I know if I am in an Nettalk coverage area?  
Nettalk is Australia wide. If you require a local number they are avaiable upon request. 
How do I dial a phone number using Nettalk?  
Nettalk works the same as your existing telephone service. Pick up the telephone receiver, listen for a dial tone and then dial the required telephone number. If you are dialling interstate then you will need to include the area code (eg, 07 for Brisbane). To dial internationally you will need to first dial 0011 then the country code and then the phone number (eg, 001164xxxxxxxx for New Zealand). 
What type of Telephone can I use?  
Any normal telephone can be used, this includes both cordless and corded telephones. 
Do I need to have the computer turned on to make a call?  
No, your PC can be switched off but you will need to leave your modem and router on in order to make and receive calls. 
Can I cancel at any time?  
Yes. You can cancel your service at any time. You pay your monthly service fee which is charged in advance and your calls which are charged in arrears. Written notice will be required to disconnect. 
Loyalty customers will be required to pay the service fee if they leave within their initial 12 month period and any other free calls they may have received during that period as a loyalty customer. 
Are there any hidden costs with Nettalk?  
No, the only costs associated with Nettalk is your monthly service fee and call costs. Calls made with Nettalk are classified as uploads and downloads so you will need to check these charges with you ISP. 
Can I dial 000 and does my 000 information show up correctly?  
Yes, all emergency services calls to 000 will work using the Nettalk however it is dependent on your equipment. Nettalk recommend that you use appropriate equipment with fail safe available. Nettalk do not accept responsabilty for this and it is upto each individual customer to ensure they are using the appropriate hardware. See Nettalk Products for our recommended hardware and their features. 
Can I use a fax machine with Nettalk? 
A fax can be used however we do not support the use of fax machines over your nettalk service. A second line can be provided if you decide to use it for the fax and is an additional $5.00 per month. 
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What is VoIP?  
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new and innovative way to make and receive phone calls. It involves the transmission of ordinary telephone calls over the Internet. In other words, VoIP can send voice over the Internet, rather than through the regular telephone network.  
What is broadband?  
Broadband is a general term for different types of high-speed, high-bandwidth connections to the Internet, including DSL and cable. Broadband channels can carry voice, video, and data simultaneously. 
How fast an Internet connection do I need to use the Nettalk Voice service?  
Nettalk recommends that you have a minimum broadband speed of 512/128. Even though it will work over a slower connection a slower speed may result in poor qualiy of service. 
What is WWW?  
WWW stands for World Wide Web. This is the Internet facility that allows you to browse linked Web pages. 
What is an ATA?  
This is known as a Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA). An ATA is a device that converts your analogue phone signal to digital so that it can be sent over your broadband Internet connection, as apposed to the plain old telephone system. Simply, plug your regular telephone handset into one end of the ATA and plug the other end of the ATA into your modem/router. 
Is Nettalk the same as Skype? 
No, Nettalk has an Australian owned and operated telecommunications network whereas Skype utilises peoples computers and bandwidth to support phone calls that others make. Nettalk customers are issued with a regular telephone number so that they can make and receive calls as they normally would using their existing telephone handset. Skype on the other hand relies on a Softphone based application, whereby you need to use a headset and talk through your computer. 
Why are Nettalk calls so cheap?  
Nettalk are able to significantly reduce the cost of calls by sending your telephone call through the Internet and therefore eliminating the long distance journey. At some point your call must go back to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and hence the need for a small charge. 
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How do I sign up for Nettalk service?  
Call our friendly sales team on 1300 762 568 between 9am-6pm Weekdays or 9am-1pm Saturedays (EST) or go to the following link and complete the Nettalk Application online. Alternatively you can print out our application form and fax back to us. 
Where is the Nettalk ATA delivered to? 
We will courier the Nettalk ATA required free of charge to your nominated delivery address. This usually takes 3-7 working days. 
I have already purchased an ATA, what do I do next?  
If you have purchased an ATA or an enabled Modem with VoIP features from a retail store you will need to activate a sservcie with Nettalk by clicking on the Join Now and completing the form online or by printing the application and faxing back to Nettalk support team. You will then be provided with your new service details which will need to be entered into your hardware. If you need assistance with this please go to our support section to see the settings or contact our support staff. If you have just received your Nettalk hardware via courier you will need to plug it and you are ready to talk cheap with Nettalk. All the settings are already pre loaded for your use. 
Can I keep my existing phone number (aka Local Number Portability)?  
Yes Nettalk can port your existing number across to your new service. 
Care should be taken when porting your existing number to ensure they do not cut off your required phone service. Contact our support team for more details. 
What is your postal address?  
P O Box 3537 Hermit Park, Qld 4812 
What is your e-mail address?  
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What equipment is required?  
The simple answer is, you need:  
a broadband connection (for example: cable modem, DSL or wireless),  
an ethernet router or switch, an ATA, and a telephone. 
Alternatively Nettalk do supply ADSL routers that alreeady support VoIP facilities therefore you only require the one piece of hardware in conjunction with your exisitng phone/s. For business use this may vary depending on your existing service requirements and equipment. Contact Nettalk Support for further information on our Business Services. 
What is an ethernet router or switch and when is one needed?  
A router or switch will allow you to use your Nettalk service at the same time that you surf the Web. 
Can I use my Nettalk service with a dial-up connection?  
No, your Nettalk service requires a high-speed, broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL service. 
Will I be listed in the White Pages?  
This facility is avaiable on request. 
Does Nettalk sell any additional equipment?  
Yes, Nettalk sells equipment that includes IP telephones, routers, switches, modems and headsets. For more information please click here
How do I install the Nettalk ATA?  
Click support to see how to set up your Nettalk service. 
Can I use my computer while on the phone?  
Yes, you can use your computer while on the phone. However, since your phone and computer share the same bandwidth, if you are using high bandwidth applications on your computer (ie: downloading a large file) you may experience degraded voice quality. 
What is the warranty on the Nettalk Hardware?  
12 months from the date of shipment. 
What is the initial start up cost?  
Your Nettalk startup cost is just $39.95 (Service Activation Fee) for residential customers and $49.95 for business customers. From that point forward you pay just your monthly service fee in advance and your calls at the end of each month. This will vary depending on your chosen Nettalk package. You will also need to have select you r required hardware. See Nettalk Hardware for details 
Can I bring my own VoIP device to use with Nettalk?  
Yes, please visit Nettalk support for configuration details. 
Will my engin voice box work with Nettalk? 
Yes, please visit Nettalk support for configuration details. 
Will my Nettalk service work if I lose power?  
If you are using Nettalk recommended hardware with failsafe features then this allows for your service to automatically revert back to your existing PSTN landline service. 
Your Nettalk service will not work if there is a power outage when using equipment that does not have faisafe features. See Nettalk Hardware for details 
Can I use my engin Voice Box with Nettalk?  
The engin Voice Box has been firmware hardcoded exclusively to engin and will not function with any other service providers. 
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How do you bill for Nettalk services?  
We send an e-mail invoice on your anniversary date each month. Your bill is automatically charged to the credit card or debited from your account each month. If you need a paper copy you can print out the e-mail invoice. 
Can I use Nettalk voice services without a credit card?  
We accept credit card payments and Direct Debit only. 
What if there is a problem with my credit card?  
If your automatic monthly credit card payment cannot be processed for any reason, we will notify you immediately by e-mail or telephone. 
Do I get charged for incoming calls?  
No, you do not get charged for any incoming calls. 
Do you have flagfalls?  
No, we do not charge a connection fee for any calls made from our service. 
Will I be in contract?  
If you choose to go on the Nettalk loyalty packages then these are for a period of 12 months with $0 service activation fee and a number of free calls. Or if you do not wish to be in a contract you can pay the initial service activation fee and the amount owing for the free calls for each month used.  
How do I view the my bills online?  
Log on to our website, and go to the login at the top of the page. You will need your customer account number (DID or ISN) and passcode to log in. 
I can't remember my username/password. What do I do?  
Click on forgot password and an email will be sent to your nominated contacts email address. Alternatively contact Nettalk customer service on 1300 762 568. 
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Do you support 3-way calling?  
Yes, got to our Optional Features to see what features are available with your Nettalk service and how to activate them. 
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How do I access the Call Forwarding Features?  
At this point in time please contact Nettalk support staff for this feature on 1300 762 568. 
How do I activate a Call Forwarding Feature?  
At this point in time please contact Nettalk support staff for this feature on 1300 762 568. 
How do I remove a Call Forwarding Feature?  
At this point in time please contact Nettalk support staff for this feature on 1300 762 568. 
Is there a cost associated with my Call Forwarding Features?  
Any calls that are forwarded from your Voice Box to another number incur a charge at your normal tariff fee. There are no additional diversion fees that are associated with the Call Forwarding Features. 
Will my Call Forwarding Features work if my IAD Voice Box is not turned on?  
Yes, all Call Forwarding Features will always work, even if your Voice Box has lost power or your ISP has gone down. 
How many Call Forwarding Features can I have active at the one time?  
It is recommended that you have only one Call Forwarding Feature active at any one time. 
There are so many different Call Forwarding Features, which one do I use?  
There is a brief description under each feature that describes the various functions. For a more detailed description please refer to the Nettalk user information under the Optional Features
How do I activate Call Forward When Busy without activating any other diverts?  
You need to select 'Call Forward Busy No Answer'. If you do not wish to select a divert for 'no answer' then you need to place your own Nettalk phone number in the 'no answer' box and the desired diversion number into the 'busy' box. This will ensure that calls are only diverted to your nominated number when busy and not for your 'no answer' diversion. 
What is the timeout parameter and how does it work?  
The timeout parameter allows you to control the length of time before an incoming call is diverted. For example, this function would be used to select the desired amount of seconds that you wish your phone to ring for before it diverts when not answered. 
Will Call Forwarding work if I have voicemail activated?  
Yes, Call Forwarding will work if voicemail is activated. Please be aware that calls are diverted to voicemail after 20 seconds. This means that you will need to set your timeout parameter to 19 seconds or less when applicable. 
Will Call Forwarding work if I have Call Waiting activated?  
Call Waiting will not affect any Call Forwarding Feature unless the call is answered. 
Why is my Call Forwarding not working?  
If a Call Forwarding Feature is not working you may need to check one of the following:  
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How do I activate voicemail on my Nettalk telephone?  
To activate Voicemail, please call one of our friendly customer service representatives on 1300 762 568. 
How do I know when I receive a new message?  
Notification will be sent to your e-mail address when you receive a new message. 
How do I retrieve messages from voicemail?  
Retrieving voicemail has never been easier! Simply dial your corresponding number and follow the prompts:  
City Number  
Sydney (02) ? 
Melbourne (03) ? 
Brisbane (07) ? 
Adelaide (08) ? 
Perth (08) ? 
You can dial this number from your home, office, mobile phone or whatever number you have the easiest access to. You can also click on the “sound attachment” icon to hear your messages played over your PC. 
What is V-mail?  
V-mail is an automatic electronic voicemail message notification email. When a message has been left on your Nettalk service, you will receive a V-mail notification via your nominated email address. Simply open the email to identify the calling party's number as well as the time and date of the call. You can also click on the 'sound attachment' icon to hear your message played over your PC. 
When I click on the voice mail sound attachment I receive an error message, why is this?  
You need to make sure a program is associated with the wav file format. For example, Windows media player, quicktime, real player or winamp will all be able to play this file type. If you do not have the appropriate program, please click on one of the below web addresses to download. 
When will my phone divert to voicemail?  
Your phone will divert to voicemail 30 seconds after not being answered. It will also divert when your phone is busy or if you don’t answer your call waiting. 
How do I personalise my voice mail message?  
Once you have logged into your mailbox simply press '0' for mailbox options, then press '1' to record your unavailable message. 
How do I change my password?  
Once you have logged into your mailbox simply press '0' for mailbox options, then press '4' to change your password. Your password should be six numbers. 
I have forgotten my password, what do I do?  
Just below the login area you will notice a link for forgotten password. Click this and enter your Internal Service Number(ISN) or Nettalk Local Number also known as Direct In Dial number(DID) and an email will be sent to your contacts email address with the login details. Alternatively please call our friendly customer service team on 1300 462 568 for assistance. 
How much does voicemail cost?  
Voicemail is included with your monthly service fee! Simply click on the sound attachment or call from your Nettalk telephone to retrieve your messages free of charge. If you retrieve your messages from another telephone service such as a mobile phone or landline you may incur charges from other carriers. 
How do I disconnect voicemail?  
Please call our friendly customer service team on 1300 762 568 for assistance. 
How do I delete unwanted messages?  
Once you have logged into your mailbox simply press '1' to listen to your message and then press “7” to delete your message. To delete old messages press “2” to change folders, press “1” for old messages (or select folder that you have stored message within) and then press “7” to delete. 
What are 'folders'? And what are they used for?  
For easy retrieval, voicemail allows you to store your old messages in a number of different folders. These include old messages, work messages, family messages and friends messages. 
What does it mean to pre-pend a message?  
This option is used if you wish to forward a message to another mailbox. To pre-pend a message, is to record your own message before the message that you are sending. 
Can my phone be notified when I have a new message?  
E-mail notification is the only notification service that is currently available. 
When I receive calls, why do they divert to someone else’s voicemail message?  
Call forwarding has been activated on your Nettalk voice service. Check the Nettalk Features for deactivating call forward unconditional, call forward busy and call forward no answer. 
Will I be able to receive messages on my voicemail if I have activated Do Not Disturb?  
So you never have to miss a message, when Do Not Disturb is activated, your phone will divert to voicemail. 
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How do I report a service problem?  
Before you contact customer service, please run this VoIP test. Select Sydney from the Call Destinations menu and your test should begin automatically. If you receive a score lower than 4.0, please select detailed results and email the result to Please include your account number with any correspondence sent. (Please note that this link is independent, is not associated with Nettalk and is provided as a courtesy. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of results or compatibility with your computer system). If you have a firewall on your computer, please disable this firewall temporarily whilst running the test. Once we have reviewed these results, we will contact you to discuss potential solutions to the issues you are experiencing. 
You can e-mail us at or call us on 1300 762 568. If you need to report a technical problem affecting your telephone service, please include the time and date of the problem, along with a brief description. 
What do I do if I have a Fast busy tone on outbound calls (post installation)?  
Please follow the procedure listed below  
My high speed Internet connection uses a USB port, not an Ethernet port can I still use Nettalk?  
You can still use Nettalk but you will need to purchase an USB/Ethernet router to connect your computer to the Nettalk ATA, and ultimately the Internet. Please contact your Nettalk customer service representative for information on hardware items available. 
My Phone does not ring, I cannot receive incoming calls, what do I do?  
Please follow the procedure listed below  
What do I do if callers do not hear me while I am talking?  
High Internet usage on your personal computer while talking on your phone may impact your calls. Do not send email or upload any files while on the phone. 
When I dial my number, I receive an operator message stating 'The number I have reached is not in service'?  
Report this to customer service on 1300 762 568. This will need to be looked into by our Systems department. 
What do I do if I am hearing static on my line?  
Please follow the procedure listed below  
Some services can benefit from the use of filters on the telephone line to reduce static. Please contact customer service on 1300 762 568 for further information. 
What do I do if conversations sound choppy?  
Please follow the procedure listed below  
What do I do if there is a power outage and now my phone is not working?  
If your equipment is not plugged into a power surge protector, you may have to reboot the router or the Nettalk ATA. Reboot the router by unplugging the power adapter from the outlet. This will reset the device and your PC. 
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Can I have multiple phone lines/numbers?  
Yes, you can have up to two phone lines provisioned on each Nettalk ATA. A second line will be charged at $5.00 per month plus call charges. Please note that different hardware may not allow for more than one outgoing line. See Nettalk Hardware for more information. 
Can I change my rate plan at any time?  
You may change your plan once a month. The change will take effect on your monthly anniversary date. Just call our customer service team on 1300 762 568 to help advise you of a plan to better suit your needs. 
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